Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brace Face

We have joined the ranks of the orthodontist visiting throngs.

Will and Georgia both had their appliances put in at the beginning of this week.

I got some shots of them with the kids with the clamp they use to hold the mouth open while they put the braces on. I am thinking these are wedding video material!

(These are pictures of the clamp, NOT the actual orthodontic appliance the kids will wear! There has been some confusion amongst my friends that grew up a generation before me. Lots of concern that I was subjecting my kids to torture devices. Ha!)

Will has a full set of braces! One of the two sets he will wear over time.
Georgia had an expander cemented in on her upper pallet. She will wear this for six weeks, and then in a couple years she will get her set of braces!
Wally will join them in about eight months when he gets a mouth full of braces of his own!

Yes, three kids in braces at the same time! Ouch!

I called Del when I got done with the first visit to give him a dollar amount to come to grips with on his drive home from work.
Those are always the best phone calls.

In other news, we were devastated to learn back in February that our health club had fired our swim teacher! It has been a real pain.
Our schedule is a mess as we try to fit the kids swim lessons in wherever we can with another instructor. The club does not have enough instructors, (or I should say good instructors) to fill in the holes left by Nancy.
So it has been reeeeaaallly irritating!

If I knew of an alternative pool to take my four kids to for private lessons, I would do it! As it turns out, it is not that simple, so we are taking any slot we can get, even last minute, when someone cancels and the instructor we are using now is available. I drop what I have going, and run a kid to the pool.

It has also been sad because of the friendship we have with Nancy and her family. We miss her, her style and her expertise. I personally feel that the handling of her firing, and the reason it was done itself, was a tad unprofessional, and that they let an employee who had a problem with Nancy get her way. And now we all pay. Nancy is amazing, and we can't wait for Summer when we can start lessons in the pool in her backyard! Aaagg! There, I vented!
It looks like our next step is a private swim team. But I am holding off as long as I can before I let that take over our lives!

Here are the kids at a local pool in town this past Saturday. Del and I took them to make the boys swim laps, and let Walker practice going to the bottom of the pool and coming back up over and over, to get comfortable. He is hilarious! He thinks he is pretty impressive when he goes under the water! I just noticed he is not wearing his goggles. Now I need to go check the swim bag, and I really hope they are in there!

I am adjusting to the way our lives work when it comes to Del's new calling at times. It is a different kind of crazy when all four kids decide to be their chaos- causing, alter egos during Sacrament meeting, and I am alone.
Or when I learn a lesson the hard way, as I did this past Sunday. I went to lay down for a short nap, and awoke to shouts from Georgia telling me that Will was throwing up.
I jumped out of bed, still half asleep and threw on some sweats I had left on the floor, as I ran down the hall. Just as I reached the top of the stairs, still pulling my shirt down over the waistband, I saw a strange man sitting at my dining room table below looking up at me!

While I was asleep, a man from our Stake had called Del and asked if he could come by to give him something, and they ended up going over things at the dining room table.

So, I guess you never know who you will run into, even in your own dining room!

In the meantime, I am sure that he is trying to block out the vision of an upshot of my torso.
Poor, poor man.
I don't remember his name because I was too embarrassed during our introduction. Seeing as I stood there in my pajamas with bed hair, an armful of kids church clothes that had been strewn about, with a kid throwing up in the powder room behind me.
But whoever he is, I am sure he thinks our family has really got it together! HUMPH!!

We are excited for Spring break! We would just love to have some Spring weather to go along with it! I have a running list of things that need to get done because we are going out of town for Spring break at the end of the week, coming home to throw a party for Wally and Will's birthdays, and then getting things on track for Grandparents to come visit for Will's baptism! To do lists are good.
Here are a few pictures of recent happenings that I may as well throw in this random post. All my posts lately seem to take a turn for the random.

Will had his Second Grade Concert at school several weeks ago.. It was very cute. The music teacher does a great job! He is a talented musician and teacher, which is great because he is also Will's piano teacher!
Will looks cute in this shot, but the lighting is not my friend.

Here is a shot of the kids on Valentine's Day. The day was good to them!
The boys were very focused when it came to getting those class Valentine's organized. Walker just ate yogurt as he observed.

That's it! We are off for an adventure that promises I will be back with something to blog about!


Jessica said...

Ha, love your Sunday story-makes me laugh! We need to catch up soon! :)

Silvia Ballard said...

This was a pretty interesting day for all of you! Especially for the kids, as they had their braces put on. Some kids are nervous about it. But they look more excited than nervous. How are they handling the braces?

Silvia Ballard @ Kelleher Ortho