Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lydie's Blessing

We blessed our little Lydie girl in November.
 We decided to cut some stress out of our lives and bless Lydie in our ward here at home, even though we knew we were going to Utah for Christmas the next month. My parents were in town for Thanksgiving, so we had her blessed while they were visiting.
Going back through all of these photos is making me realize the I have really been suffering from memory loss due to fatigue. I am scraping my mind for details here! I am realizing just how far out of that survival mode I had come having a nearly five year old as my youngest before the baby. It is worth the fatigue and air headed tendencies. Oh the joys of the newborn days!

Del gave Lydie such a sweet, loving blessing. She was a good girl for the blessing, even though Del told me later the few times she fussed did make him panic that she was going to lose it in the middle of the blessing. I hope that all of the things that Del blessed her to be strengthened with in this life come to fruition! She is such a precious little soul!

Lydie was MAD at me for trying to get her dressed up and have her picture taken. So I don't have many with details of her dress. She HATED the bonnet that came with the dress, and she was screaming in all the pictures I took while she was wearing it. So we ditched that and just went with a less offensive headband. She was very appreciative.

Our new family of seven! That seems like a lot of people. It is also nuts that Will appears to be taller than Wally in this picture. Those two are in some kind of race to see who is taller. I think it changes every month.
It was so good to have my Mom and Dad! We had a lot of fun during their visit, I felt comfortable leaving Lydie to attend the temple while they were here, and our timing was good because my Mom was back home before my Grandmas heath took a sever decline. My amazing, sweet Grandma passed away while we were home for Christmas. I will get a post updating that up soon.

It was nice to have at least one family member stand in the circle with Del for the blessing.

Our fantastic neighbors, the Arnold family, came for the blessing and Sacrament meeting. They are really the greatest family. They are so open and kind to our children, and we are just so grateful to know them! It was so nice of them to take time on their Sunday to attend!
We are so glad to have Lydie blessed and enjoy that milestone in her little life.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Walker Turns 5!

I am trying hard to keep plugging away at getting caught up on some of our Fall events.

Walker had a birthday on November 22nd. He is five and that is hard to believe! Sometimes I think his life has seemed to pass the fastest of all the children so far!
Walker is so excited to be five because that means he can go to Kindergarten next year. Walker loves school. He takes so much pride in having friends he can talk about and play with.

We went to Wisconsin for a friend's baptism on the morning of Walker's birthday, and on the way home he told us all that he wanted everyone to get in their pajamas before he opened his presents. So we snapped a couple of pictures, and then everyone changed before he opened them. I was totally game for this because I remember very specifically that Lydie slept terribly the night before, and I was completely exhausted.

Walker is a sweet boy who is just trying to keep up with the big kids. He loves to play with trucks, and I love that he is so willingly occupied by them. He was such a trooper during 2014. The year was spent full of different endeavors than we had imagined it would be when we found out Lydie was on the way. In the midst of my pregnancy misery, Walker was always happy to go along with what I needed him to do. He entertained himself for more hours than I care to admit or remember while I survived. He has been a good sport about becoming a big brother, and shows nothing but love to his baby sister. His patience continues through the adjustments to having a newborn.

Walker is smart, and stubborn. He somehow maintains his little guy cuteness as he grows. We just love him.

Always excited about their very own box of sugary cereal.

Walker's favorite gift was by far his garbage truck.

You are officially a big boy, buddy! We love you!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lydie's Bedroom

I took some pictures of Lydie's room, but my lack of interior photography skills is apparent once again. We had a professional photographer come and take our family pictures. Some of them were taken in her room. They are beautiful, and I will add them to this post. It will be painfully obvious which photos were taken by the professional, and which were taken by me!
Oh well! These photos were taken on many different days over the past month.

I must admit that I have not been good about training Lydie to sleep well in her crib yet. We are visiting family as I type this, and the goal when we get back is to sleep train her to spend the night in her room. So far it has just been about whatever method gives us the most sleep!
We used a woman named Liz from Coachhouse Pictures out of Chicago for our photos this year. She was so great, and we loved her!
The only baby item we had kept after Walker was the crib. We were starting over with everything else. I tried to buy things for Lydie's nursery that she could use all the way through her teenage years. We will see if my decor addiction allows that to happen! I admit it, I love to change things up!

I did save a couple of little outfits from when Georgia was a baby, but not many. The sleeveless white sundress in the pictures is one of them. The other white dress is Lydie's blessing dress.  My dear friend Susan made the quilt hanging over the side of the crib.  Just as I was thinking about how Lydie didn't have a handmade quilt and all my other babies did, Susan told me she was working on this. All my kids have been given a quilt made by someone we love. Susan's quilt turned out so beautiful, and we love it!

Lydie turns her head to the picture above her changing pad and smiles at it so big every morning. I think all the color makes her happy! Her room is a bright, sweet spot, where I love to rock her, she loves to coo on her changing pad, and the kids love to come and look around at her baby things.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Meeting Baby Sister

It was so much fun to have the kids come meet Lydie at the hospital. My mom came to help the week before I had Lydie, and it made a huge difference in my stress level. There are a lot of logistics to
be worked out when you have four children, don't live near family, and have no idea when number five will come into the world. My Mom being here solidified our plan, and that was great. She was able to bring the kids to the hospital to meet Lydie because she was not born during flu season. They close that privilege right off when the flu hits the community.

Walker was so funny, and excited! As you can see in the video, he kept going back to my Mom and saying, "She's so cute!"
They were all dying to hold her.

We had unwrapped Lydie to try to wake her to eat because the nurses wouldn't leave us alone about it. The video had to be uploaded in sections. So there are several of them. I have no idea if they will link correctly. If they don't play, go to our Youtube channel and you can see them. I have not been having luck with the link for a few months now.

 I just wanted to sleep too, but we figured we better at least give nwrapping her  a try. That was one of the frustrations I had with this birth experience. We were not left alone for any stretch of substantial time to sleep! Our room had a constant stream of nurses and other staff coming and going. After getting a breastfeeding lecture at 1:30 in the morning after being awakened by a nurse, I was more than happy to go home just over 24 hours after giving birth. I was finally informed that there was a "Do Not Disturb" sign for the door after I nearly cried that I just wanted sleep to some random wandering woman wanting to ask me questions. Which still did not detour some of the traffic! Seriously, people! It was so annoying!

Back to the meeting! Wally the biggest brother got to go first!

Will and Lydie Lu.

Big sister Georgia. I am very curious to see how alike these two end up looking. So far, the hair color is sticking!

Walker was so thrilled and sang Lydie a couple of wobbly voiced lullabies.

My Mom and her 13th grandchild. Del's Mom came and visited a couple weeks after Lydie was born.

Here is our newly complete family!

The picture we sent out to friends and family to announce Lydie had joined us that morning.

Some bunny is ready to leave the hospital!

Walker was adamant that she try out her swing.

Del's Mom came to visit over Halloween. Here she is holding her 24th grandchild.

My parents came to visit over thanksgiving. My Dad met Lydie for the first time. We had a lot of fun with my parents in town.
My Mom made the tastiest Thanksgiving dinner for us! thanks for working so hard Mom!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids went with a hero theme this year.
Wally and Will get harder to find a costume for every year. They would be thrilled to be the goriest, bloodiest thing we could find. But they have a mean mom who won't get on board. They would also be banned from half the parties and activities they get invited to. The boys settled on being skeleton army guys.
Georgia was cat woman, Walker was Batman, and Lydie who was only two weeks old on Halloween was a little black cat.
We were pretty low key considering Lydie's age and my lack of sleep. We went to the church Trunk or Treat, and the kids were thrilled when friends from school, and their parents, were able to come along with us!
Del took them out trick or treating in the cold and wind. Georgia and Walker were content to go up and down our street and call it a night. Wally and Will were game to do the entire neighborhood, and therefore came home with the usual ridiculous haul of a garbage bag full of full size bags of chips, and kind size bags of licorice! Glad this holiday is only once a year! I guarantee they will talk about their trick or treat years in this neighborhood for the rest of their lives!

Wally. It is getting more difficult all the time for people to tell the boys apart. Especially in the same costume, and a mask.