Saturday, March 14, 2015

Grandma Clark

We decided that we would go to Utah for Christmas this past year because so much of our family had not met Lydie.
Going ended up being the greatest blessing! My Grandma Clark took a sudden turn in her fight with breast cancer and a broken hip and passed away while we were there. We were able to change our flight home to be there for the funeral. She was really doing so well, and then one day she got sick and started her mind started to slip. My parents came for a visit at Thanksgiving, and there were meetings and plans for her chemo that my Mom was anxious to get home for.  By Christmas, she was not herself. We were able to introduce Lydie to my Grandma just a few days before she died. I was able to see her a couple of times before she passed. Del was able to help give her a Priesthood blessing with my Dad.  He felt very honored to be there for that.

The last thing she said to me was to remember to bring my driver's license. I am not sure where she wanted me to bring it, but it may have been to the airport when we flew home. Or not. I just know that she was concerned about me. And everyone around her. My Mom stayed at night leading up to her passing, and she said that one night my Grandma literally did not stop talking all night long. It was as if she was sorting through her life out loud. My Mom was also there with my aunt and Grandpa Clark as she passed. My Mom said it was a privilege to be there as my Grandma finished her time on this Earth.

My Grandma was one of the most amazing women I have ever known. She was a huge influence on my life. She raised my Mom and helped her become the example she has always been to me. My Grandma was so capable and humble. She was faithful as a disciple of Jesus Christ her entire life. She was so smart. She was quick witted, and knew just what was going on with all of the posterity in her life. The number of children, grandchildren, all their spouses, and great-grandchildren numbers in the hundreds.
Everyone was able to make it into town for the funeral except my Uncle Scott and Aunt Sandy. They are serving a mission for our church for three years in the Philippines, where my uncle is mission president. The day we introduced Lydie to my Grandma, she was difficult to understand. But she did tell me that she had just wanted to live for three more years. She wanted to be there when Scott came home. My cousin Preston, Scott's son, read a talk written by my Uncle Scott at the funeral.

While we visited, my Grandma's childhood friend, Janell called. She is the friend my Grandma named my Mom after. They chatted on the phone for a few minutes and my Grandma seemed to really know who it was. It is a nice memory to have of my Grandma.

I have a wonderful legacy to live up to in my Grandma! I only hope I can live as loving and fulfilled life, full of service as she did! She had a personal relationship with all of her grandkids. She took such good care of my Grandpa, and he is lost without her by his side. Which is so hard to see.  It is strange for all of us to be in a world without my Grandma Clark. She was a foundation in my life. I know that she is watching over all of her kids and grandkids. I just know that she is still a presence and power as we all complete our journey here.
I love you Grandma, and I miss you so much! Thank you for being one of the wonderful, strong, and amazing women in my life!

This is my Grandma's piano filled with pictures of her kids and grandkids. My Dad took this picture the night she passed away.
 My Grandma's viewing. My best friend, Christy came to pay her respects and I wish we had taken a picture together.
I took a picture of Will with my cousin Russ's son, Zach. Will and Zach have such a resemblance! Genes are funny things!

We all placed a rose on Grandma's casket.

Grandpa Clark putting his rose on the casket.

Me with my sisters. I have three really, truly amazing sisters. They are my forever friends, and I love them!

I have posted some of these pictures before in other posts over the years. They are some that I sent to one of my cousins who put together a memory book for my Grandpa.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Family Photos 2014

I am finally getting around to posting our family photos from last Fall! I have regretted not posting all of the pictures we get back from our photographer in the past. So I have been putting all of them in a post for a year or two. Look out! There are a lot of photos!
We used Liz from Coachhouse Pictures. It was amazing to have her come to us at our home! She was really great, and we just loved her! We took the pictures in our yard, and our neighbor's over the top beautiful yard. With their permission of course. I knew we needed to use the gorgeous view in our back yard for family photos at some point. This was the perfect year to do it!
It was a crazy time of life, and a crazy day. Lydie was still so tiny, and we had a swim meet that morning. It was also very cold. Getting the majority of the shot inside made it all much more bearable for the kids. I will also admit that having my pictures taken with a month old post-pardum body was not high on my list of fun. It all worked out though, I even managed to get my skirt zipped up. (Well, almost zipped up that is.) So, I consider the photos a victory!
A sleep deprived victory!
I included all the photos taken in Lydie's room that we got from this shoot in an earlier post about her nursery.

I haven't posted in a few weeks, so I have some catching up to do. We were able to make it home to Utah for Christmas this year. I am so incredibly grateful for our timing because my amazing Grandma Clark passed away while we were visiting. I have pictures for a post that I will get up soon.
Winter has been it's usual unrelenting self this year. Sub zero has been the norm. I believe I heard that this Winter has broken the existing cold Chicago records. It is March, and we are still alive, so I guess what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
I have found myself adopting a different mind set than I have had in the past. When they cancel school for the cold, I just roll my eyes! "It's going to be cold tomorrow as well"' is what I find myself thinking, "so why make a deal of it today?"
 Welcome to Chicago! Put on some gloves and a hat, put your head down, and head out there! There will be no escaping it for a few months, so you may as well learn to live in it! Or move. Yes, there are days when it is legitimate to cancel school. Those are they days they don't cancel!  I there is a point when Winter here makes everyone a bit cynical.
We are headed South for Spring break, so I am hoping that Spring actually makes it's way to Atlanta before we arrive!

To start, I will post our 2014 Christmas Card:

I like this one taken by our neighbors water slide mountain, but Georgia blends right into the rock and brush! It is all the exact color of her hair and outfit! We should have moved her down front. She has a nicer smile than the family shot we sent on the card. She may be grimacing, but at least you can see her!

Headed home...

We were supposed to be making funny faces.