Friday, November 14, 2014

Lydie Lula Rinquest

Our beautiful baby girl, Lydie Lula Rinquest, came into our lives at 11:55 a.m. on 10/14/14.
She weighed 7 lbs. and was 19 inches long.

Lula is after my paternal great grandmother.
I did not see us doing the bringing a baby into the world thing again. I feel like we are seeing everything through different eyes. Right now, they are a little clouded over with fatigue, but perspective is an amazing thing. I am hoping I may have gained just a little of that, and can put it to good use this time around.

I had a hard month leading up to her arrival. I had a lot of very painful, and confusing pre labor. But once we got the ball really rolling by breaking my water, things picked up and went smoothly and quickly.

All the reassurances that a fifth baby would come fast once I was in active labor were confirmed! I had gone from a 5 to a 10 in less than ten minutes! The epidural didn't even have time to fully set in!

Within a few minutes my doctor was there, and we were ready to meet our new daughter! Del recorded all of this with a propped up cell phone. It is fantastic and horrific, all at the same time for me to relive it! I am glad we have that amazing moment she is placed in my arms though!

There really are no words to describe that moment, when you meet someone who will be part of your existence forever from that point on.
It all ended up being the sweetest experience. We did not expect to feel that surge of emotion again in this life. I am so glad that we have been blessed with this baby girl, and all feelings of power and peace that we come with bringing a life into the world. Heavenly Father is truly mindful of all his children.

Lydie was handed right to me, and they didn't take her away for about an hour. They did all her shots and the initial checks while she laid on my chest. It was so amazing! I have never had the baby stay with me without being cleaned up for so long. Even after they sponged her off, and weighed her they gave her back and we got to stay right there for another hour. It was so calm and peaceful with just the three of us there. She nursed right away, and we watched her every move, pointing out how much certain features reminded us of all of our kids. We smiled at her little elf ears, all stuck to her head in a point from her tight quarters inside me, her teeny, tiny little fingernails that were a little ragged and had already scratched her face and the bottom of her foot in utero, and her cute little mouth as she let out soft cries, and her light red hair, and eye lashes, just like her sister!
I felt like I had been through the most intense weight lifting session of my life for a week after labor. My muscles were so sore!

I am so grateful for this healthy baby that came out pink and breathing on her own! An answer to my prayers from the moment I found out I was expecting! She is a sweet addition to our family. She could not be more welcome, or loved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Utah Summer Visit 2014

I am going to attempt to document our visit to Utah a few months back, but I can't promise how cohesive, or coherent it will be. I really want to get caught up on what we have had going on the past few months before I document the birth of our new baby girl. She came three weeks ago today! I am also hoping to get my blogging zeal back. It most definitely took a back seat to the demands of pregnancy on my mind and body. A newborn does not really make it that much easier, but here is to trying!

Our kids live for their trips to see family in Utah. They tell people about the place their grandparents live like it is a hidden secret spot, full of adventure and magic. It is pretty precious. Someday it may just become any other place to them. We will embrace the now. While it is so special.  I hope it remains special to them. I know it has to me!

We are always in the mood to let the kids see a new spot every time to visit. This time we took a drive out to Antelope Island. It is an island sitting in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. It is pretty baron. And it does stink because of the brine shrimp in the lake. It has a arid beauty. It really is amazing. The water was really low when we drove across the causeway to the island. The endless stretch of salt residue with the mountains in the distance was a great back drop!

Antelope Island has herds of roaming buffalo.

Take a drive out to the island if you get a chance, and you haven't been. It has its own unique splendor, and it is fun to see one of the many landscapes in the state of Utah!

My sister, Emily and I took some of our kids who were not involved in other activities to Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City one afternoon. Del and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary this July. We were married here, in the Salt Lake Temple.

So gorgeous! It was funny because there was a tour group gathered around some Sister Missionaries as we walked through. The church gives free tours full of history, facts, and the beliefs of our church. Georgia stopped and listened for a few minutes, and then spent the rest of the day filling everyone in on the information she had picked up in her eavesdropping.

Del and Jared had a good childhood friend pass away this past Spring. John has three kids, and Del and Jared wanted to take his two boys on the yearly Summer backpacking trip. All the kids had a good time! Del's brother Dave and his son Ian also went on the trip. Our boys look forward to their time in the mountains of Utah or Wyoming all year! Del sent me some photos from the trip from his phone.

Of course there must be water day with cousins in Grandma's backyard for any trip to be complete.

My mom, sisters and I took our kids up to visit This Is The Place State Park. It was a really fun, hot day! They have the cutest activities for the kids to participate and learn about pioneer life. Every time we left an activity they would say that one was their favorite.

My mom and sisters.

Walker and sheep selfie!

A video of the kids in the petting zoo. My two year old nephew, Sawyer, is one of the most entertaining people alive. In the video he is determined to keep wearing his cowboy boots even though he keeps falling down. He keeps saying, "I fine!"I do not know why youtube will not connect well with my blog these days! Sorry if this does not work here. It does on my Youtube channel.

The kids mined for gold in a little stream. One of the activities they LOVED! I think they would have stayed here all day if we would have let them.

Jack with his found fortune!

There were lots of pioneer games.

This building is a replica of the original ZCMI. The first department store in the U.S. Del worked for ZCMI in high school, and it is where I met him for the first time. He was working his shift as a stock boy, and I was shopping with my sister.

Walker loved plowing. I am sure he would not be such an eager worker if this were real life.

Grandma buying warm donuts to eat while we watched the Native American dancing show. Which was really interesting and well done.

We took some time to go up to Midway to see a childhood friend of Del's. Annd… just to have a chance to go to Midway because there is a lot to love about that city! We were able to see lots of friends on this trip and it was so much fun! I wish I were better about taking pictures with all of them on our visits!
That is a quick summarization of our Summer! Our kids love their weeks in Utah in the Summer so much that every person in their lives know about them! Teachers are up to date on Utah happenings. Friends like the idea of venturing out West themselves one day. Doctors and even strangers are all made aware the Utah is THE place to be! Our kids should work for the Utah Department of Tourism. If there is one. They are doing their part to promote the state!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Day of School

The kids have been back in school for about a month and a half. Our Summer was the usual busy, fly by type, with a little pregnancy exhaustion sprinkled in. It has been nice to be back in our routine.

Wally started Middle School this year. Sixth grade. I have been holding my breath for the past month and a half waiting to see how he settles in to things. Change is hard. Learning a new routine, lockers, 8 periods a day, and every day after school cross country practice makes it that change a LOT! He has done really well so far. He does not love cross country. It is weird having him gone so long every day, and I worry about that. He is good at it though. It is also important to keep Wally busy, and to a large extent, forced to work outside his comfort zone.

This kid is quick! He comes in in the top ten in nearly every meet! His coach wants him to run the two mile with the eight graders in regionals! We will just have to cross our fingers a new baby and the regional meet do not intersect!

Will is in 4th grade. He is the same social, friend loving guy he has always been. Every day after school there is a master coordination plan he puts into action to get time with all of his friends fit in during the week. It requires a lot of confusing phone conversations, rushed piano practice, and picking up and dropping off. At 36 1/2 weeks pregnant, it is exhausting for me. 

Georgia is in 2nd Grade. She has the same teacher Wally had. She is a great teacher. Georgia is doing well. She is getting to the age where she is also all about friends. She has really taken to 2nd Grade. It is good to see her thriving! 

Walker started pre-school. He goes four days a week. He LOVES to go to school! He goes to a private Lutheran school. He told us that they are nice there, and don't worry, because they know about all the Jesus people! I am impressed with how much he is learning! They are working the 5 year old class pretty hard to get them ready for Kindergarten, and it is awesome! 

The school year is already chugging along at a quick pace! Now we are getting ready for baby to make her entrance. According to my doctor, it will be sooner than later! I need a bit more time than she is giving me, as she is predicting an early delivery within the WEEK! What?! I told her I feel like I have two more weeks in me. She said, "Maybe, give it your best try!" Holy cow! Where have the past 36 weeks gone?!

I had to edit this post to add the photo I took of Walker in front of his school on his first day. He started a couple weeks after the other kids.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pinedale, Wyoming

My husband has a dream of living in a small town, in the middle of nowhere one day. The small town thing is okay, to an extent, for me. I just need access to a large, or semi large community because I was not raised a small town girl.
One tiny town that has been on Del's radar for a while now is Pinedale, Wyoming. It is around two hours from Rock Springs, I believe and hour and a half from Jackcon Hole, and about 4 hours from Salt Lake City where our parents are. The problem is that Rock Springs is not a large town in and of itself. It is the biggest thing going on after you leave the Pinedale city limits! This town is tiny!

It is also very charming, very pretty, has cooler temps, GREAT parks, and access to remote mountain destinations! My husbands dream come true!

It is the perfect place for our family to VISIT regularly!

So we did it! We booked a cabin on a lake about 25 minutes up into the mountains, and down quit the dirt road, surrounding Pinedale. Half Moon Lake.

Beautiful, serene, open, remote… those are all good words for this lake! There was one large cabin built on it, one camp ground that did not appear to be very populated, and the Half Moon Lodge, where we stayed. It consists of eight cabins in varies states of age and updating, built above a lodge with a nice restaurant, great decks, a small dock, and amazing views. Other than us, there were only a handful of people there.

Both my parents, and Del's were available to drive up and meet us for the weekend! So we all stayed in a cabin, and had a nice time at the lake and down in Pinedale.
It was such a nice weekend we got to spend with our parents! We rented a pontoon boat from the lodge and went out for a little cruise on the lake. They dropped my Mom, Hank, and me off back at the decks and headed back out for some fishing. I am not much of a boat girl because I suffer from extreme motion sickness. Unfortunately, the fishing attempts were unsuccessful. The wind really picked up, and the water was not great. It was still fun.

My Mom and Dad.

Del's parents.

Us. We had just driven from Nebraska earlier this day to meet up. We are looking a little haggard.

A mural painted in the middle of downtown Pinedale really beaconed to me. Seeing as I am feeling a bit like I could fit in with a herd in my pregnant state.

Pinedale has a shallow stream running right through the middle of town. There are at least two parks that we played at that are on the banks of it. The kids had so much fun wading out into it,and throwing rocks. There is a park with a small kid's fishing pond, a trail with bridges and amazing scenery, a wagon ride through town, and a cute playground where deer were roaming around freely, and unafraid. There were local kids coming down to the fishing hole, and to play in the river the entire time we were there. I sat in the shade with Del's parents and my Mom, while my Dad and Del fished with the kids, and Del tried out his fly rod. I didn't know if I would be able to get Del to leave. It was pretty idilic.

The view from our front porch. We were pretty much the only people on the lake. Del's parents had a huge newly remodeled cabin. Ours and my parents was quit a bit more rustic.  We didn't know what they would be like until we opened the doors, and Del's parents were staying up above us on the mountain.  It was still great though, and we had a good time!
We went to the Mountain Man museum they have in town. It was pretty cool. We learned things about Mountain Men we certainly didn't' know before our visit. We spent the rest of the day in town enjoying the parks.

Walker has the touch! This kid is always the one catching the first fish!

Georgia had one on the line, but it got away. I got a video of it, and she probably won't appreciate that I post is one day because in her excitement, she adjusts her underwear! Ha! Who hasn't, Georgia? Who hasn't?
I am having trouble getting this video to play after I upload it from my Youtube channel. I am going to give it a day, and if it won't work, I'll try again. Boo.

We went to church at one of the very nice wards in town, and then hit the road for the Salt Lake Valley.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dominican Republic

Del and I, the very pregnant lady, got back from a few days in the Dominican Republic a couple of weeks ago.
I was, unsurprisingly, not very good about taking pictures. Mainly because my brain was being steamed the entire time. That country is so incredibly hot and humid in August! Which yes, makes perfect sense that a country in the Caribbean would be hot and humid in the middle of Summer. But with my added sensitivity as a pregnant lady, I was FEELING it! I have a couple of friends, and a sister in law who served missions for our church in the D.R. and I have been informed that it is always pretty hot, and can be unbearably humid for the majority of the year. Props to them for sweating it out while sharing the Gospel! Online it says that trade winds keep the country from ever getting too hot and humid. I think whoever wrote that has never been there.

I wish I could say we were off on adventures, exploring this new country the entire time. We were not unfortunately. I would love to see the capitol city of Santo Domingo Considering it was founded in the 1400's I'm sure it is full of interesting history. I will have to make another trip when I am not carrying another human being in my body.

We took a group of Del's sales reps and their guests down for the company top performers rewards trip.  We stayed in Punta Cana at the Reserve at the Paradisus.

I basically sat in the shade and tried to stay cool, and not get poisoned by nuts the entire trip. I know, I'm a fun one! My worry was added to this trip by my pregnancy, and my desire not to have a baby, or an anaphylactic reaction while in the Dominican Republic. My favorite  spot was in the shade by the pool with this gigantic pot of flowers sitting in front of me.

It is always so nice to get away with Del. I will be forever grateful for our families, who shuffle our kids around, and do so much to entertain them while we are away!

I was worried about flying all the way from Utah, where we left our kids, to the D.R in one shot, in the middle of the night, which was what our options seemed to be. So we stayed one night in Dallas. Our flight from Dallas to the D.R. had, and I am not kidding you, fifteen people on the entire plane! It was almost creepy walking down the unlit, empty isle to the bathroom at the back. Eight of the people sat up in first class, where I am sure they were thrilled they had paid more for their seats, while the rest of us all laid down across our own row of three seats.

What an awesome four hour flight! It saved me to be able to lay on my side!

I wish I could say the flights back to Utah were as pleasant.

They were full flights. And by full, I mean full of hot, humid, ornery returning vacationers, who had just endured a delayed wait to load the plane, on an outside, unshaded tarmac. Oh, and all the while, a local musical band played an unending stream of incredibly LOUD music on drums and what appeared to be cheese graters two feet away from sensitive ears, and hung over heads, and ceaselessly passed a hat through the crowd trying to gather change from a cashless, from a week of tips, crowd.  Blah! Unpleasant travel. That is generally just the price you are going to pay for a vacation.

Waiting for a trolly. This resort was massive. You needed a trolly to get most places. But there were several times that we just walked it because we were tired of the trolly run around.

Del and the single brothers on the trip. He was hesitant about being placed in the middle of these two.

Rockin' my bump at the beach with these folks.

Lots of pool time.

A blurry photo of Del with his gift to remember this year's reward group, signed all of those on the trip.

It was good to relax and spend time with Del. It was also nice to get home. I'm so grateful for my bed, my home, and my family. I am also grateful to know that soon, I will have this baby in my arms, and I will be able to get my body and mind back! I hope!
I am proud of this guy, and all he does for our family, his business, and others. This pregnancy has made me realize how much support Del gives me, above and beyond the support he usually is. I have really needed it during this twist of events in my life. It is incredible to have such a good friend by my side in life.  I was happy to get away for this trip, and happy to come home and move on to the next few months!

Most of the guys. We are always missing a few.