Monday, December 15, 2014

Meeting Baby Sister

It was so much fun to have the kids come meet Lydie at the hospital. My mom came to help the week before I had Lydie, and it made a huge difference in my stress level. There are a lot of logistics to
be worked out when you have four children, don't live near family, and have no idea when number five will come into the world. My Mom being here solidified our plan, and that was great. She was able to bring the kids to the hospital to meet Lydie because she was not born during flu season. They close that privilege right off when the flu hits the community.

Walker was so funny, and excited! As you can see in the video, he kept going back to my Mom and saying, "She's so cute!"
They were all dying to hold her.

We had unwrapped Lydie to try to wake her to eat because the nurses wouldn't leave us alone about it. The video had to be uploaded in sections. So there are several of them. I have no idea if they will link correctly. If they don't play, go to our Youtube channel and you can see them. I have not been having luck with the link for a few months now.

 I just wanted to sleep too, but we figured we better at least give nwrapping her  a try. That was one of the frustrations I had with this birth experience. We were not left alone for any stretch of substantial time to sleep! Our room had a constant stream of nurses and other staff coming and going. After getting a breastfeeding lecture at 1:30 in the morning after being awakened by a nurse, I was more than happy to go home just over 24 hours after giving birth. I was finally informed that there was a "Do Not Disturb" sign for the door after I nearly cried that I just wanted sleep to some random wandering woman wanting to ask me questions. Which still did not detour some of the traffic! Seriously, people! It was so annoying!

Back to the meeting! Wally the biggest brother got to go first!

Will and Lydie Lu.

Big sister Georgia. I am very curious to see how alike these two end up looking. So far, the hair color is sticking!

Walker was so thrilled and sang Lydie a couple of wobbly voiced lullabies.

My Mom and her 13th grandchild. Del's Mom came and visited a couple weeks after Lydie was born.

Here is our newly complete family!

The picture we sent out to friends and family to announce Lydie had joined us that morning.

Some bunny is ready to leave the hospital!

Walker was adamant that she try out her swing.

Del's Mom came to visit over Halloween. Here she is holding her 24th grandchild.

My parents came to visit over thanksgiving. My Dad met Lydie for the first time. We had a lot of fun with my parents in town.
My Mom made the tastiest Thanksgiving dinner for us! thanks for working so hard Mom!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids went with a hero theme this year.
Wally and Will get harder to find a costume for every year. They would be thrilled to be the goriest, bloodiest thing we could find. But they have a mean mom who won't get on board. They would also be banned from half the parties and activities they get invited to. The boys settled on being skeleton army guys.
Georgia was cat woman, Walker was Batman, and Lydie who was only two weeks old on Halloween was a little black cat.
We were pretty low key considering Lydie's age and my lack of sleep. We went to the church Trunk or Treat, and the kids were thrilled when friends from school, and their parents, were able to come along with us!
Del took them out trick or treating in the cold and wind. Georgia and Walker were content to go up and down our street and call it a night. Wally and Will were game to do the entire neighborhood, and therefore came home with the usual ridiculous haul of a garbage bag full of full size bags of chips, and kind size bags of licorice! Glad this holiday is only once a year! I guarantee they will talk about their trick or treat years in this neighborhood for the rest of their lives!

Wally. It is getting more difficult all the time for people to tell the boys apart. Especially in the same costume, and a mask.


Saturday, December 13, 2014


In this age of cell phone camera access, Intagram, and Facebook, my photo addiction has run rampant when it comes to Lydie. She is the only one who cannot run away from me, and she is just changing every day. All of this combined with her cuteness means complete picture overload! I have SO many, and she is only two months old! I have decided to get them all recorded here on my blog. So this is a mix of cell phone and Cannon shots. None of which produce a professional result when in my hands.

The pictures are also all mixed up, so Lydie is younger in some at the end. She is a good girl. She is so social, and loves to be out running around with me during the day. She is becoming quit the little talker. Even when we are talking on the phone, she assumes we are directing it at her, and she coos back. It is the softest, most precious sound!
Our basement flooded the week Lydie was born. What a MESS! We had to have a disaster clean up company come rip out all the damage, and have it all redone. It was raw sewage, so that meant nothing was salvageable. The brand new room we had put together for Wally and Will was totally ruined.
Basically remodeling your basement the first month you have a baby and house guests is not ideal in any world. It means lot of workers in and out, and no naps because when the baby is asleep, there is bound to be a stranger in your house. It is put back together now,a nd that has made my life so much easier! Not an ideal situation!

Lydie has past the ten pound mark in weight, and is becoming more consistent in sleeping at night.  We had a couple of rough weeks where she did a lot of crying, and not a lot of sleeping, and I was wondering how on Earth we were going to survive this. To be honest, I was in a bit of a panic thinking there was no way I could keep up. I took her in to see if a reflux medication would help. It did, but now she is doing so well without it, and has mellowed out so much. It is so nice to be enjoying her because we are not so sleep deprived.

As long as she is swaddled. If she falls asleep out of her swaddle blanket, and I don't want to wake her to put her in it, she will wake up at 2 and then 5 in the morning. If she is wrapped tight, she will wake up at 5. She thinks we should be up for the day at that point, and with one more hour before my alarm goes off, I'm not game for that. We are working on getting her back to sleep efficiently so that I can get one more hour in, and get the kids off to school while she sleeps. She is still not a great napper, so that is also something I hope improves as she gets older.

She loves to take a bath and then lay on her changing table and listen to us talk to her, get rubbed down with lotion, and look at the artwork hanging on the wall above her. It is her sweetest time of day, and I tend to take a lot of pictures and video while she is there. Enjoy the picture overload! I think the subject matter is cute enough that I can pull this off. Yup.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Lydie Lula Rinquest

Our beautiful baby girl, Lydie Lula Rinquest, came into our lives at 11:55 a.m. on 10/14/14.
She weighed 7 lbs. and was 19 inches long.

Lula is after my paternal great grandmother.
I did not see us doing the bringing a baby into the world thing again. I feel like we are seeing everything through different eyes. Right now, they are a little clouded over with fatigue, but perspective is an amazing thing. I am hoping I may have gained just a little of that, and can put it to good use this time around.

I had a hard month leading up to her arrival. I had a lot of very painful, and confusing pre labor. But once we got the ball really rolling by breaking my water, things picked up and went smoothly and quickly.

All the reassurances that a fifth baby would come fast once I was in active labor were confirmed! I had gone from a 5 to a 10 in less than ten minutes! The epidural didn't even have time to fully set in!

Within a few minutes my doctor was there, and we were ready to meet our new daughter! Del recorded all of this with a propped up cell phone. It is fantastic and horrific, all at the same time for me to relive it! I am glad we have that amazing moment she is placed in my arms though!

There really are no words to describe that moment, when you meet someone who will be part of your existence forever from that point on.
It all ended up being the sweetest experience. We did not expect to feel that surge of emotion again in this life. I am so glad that we have been blessed with this baby girl, and all feelings of power and peace that we come with bringing a life into the world. Heavenly Father is truly mindful of all his children.

Lydie was handed right to me, and they didn't take her away for about an hour. They did all her shots and the initial checks while she laid on my chest. It was so amazing! I have never had the baby stay with me without being cleaned up for so long. Even after they sponged her off, and weighed her they gave her back and we got to stay right there for another hour. It was so calm and peaceful with just the three of us there. She nursed right away, and we watched her every move, pointing out how much certain features reminded us of all of our kids. We smiled at her little elf ears, all stuck to her head in a point from her tight quarters inside me, her teeny, tiny little fingernails that were a little ragged and had already scratched her face and the bottom of her foot in utero, and her cute little mouth as she let out soft cries, and her light red hair, and eye lashes, just like her sister!
I felt like I had been through the most intense weight lifting session of my life for a week after labor. My muscles were so sore!

I am so grateful for this healthy baby that came out pink and breathing on her own! An answer to my prayers from the moment I found out I was expecting! She is a sweet addition to our family. She could not be more welcome, or loved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Utah Summer Visit 2014

I am going to attempt to document our visit to Utah a few months back, but I can't promise how cohesive, or coherent it will be. I really want to get caught up on what we have had going on the past few months before I document the birth of our new baby girl. She came three weeks ago today! I am also hoping to get my blogging zeal back. It most definitely took a back seat to the demands of pregnancy on my mind and body. A newborn does not really make it that much easier, but here is to trying!

Our kids live for their trips to see family in Utah. They tell people about the place their grandparents live like it is a hidden secret spot, full of adventure and magic. It is pretty precious. Someday it may just become any other place to them. We will embrace the now. While it is so special.  I hope it remains special to them. I know it has to me!

We are always in the mood to let the kids see a new spot every time to visit. This time we took a drive out to Antelope Island. It is an island sitting in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. It is pretty baron. And it does stink because of the brine shrimp in the lake. It has a arid beauty. It really is amazing. The water was really low when we drove across the causeway to the island. The endless stretch of salt residue with the mountains in the distance was a great back drop!

Antelope Island has herds of roaming buffalo.

Take a drive out to the island if you get a chance, and you haven't been. It has its own unique splendor, and it is fun to see one of the many landscapes in the state of Utah!

My sister, Emily and I took some of our kids who were not involved in other activities to Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City one afternoon. Del and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary this July. We were married here, in the Salt Lake Temple.

So gorgeous! It was funny because there was a tour group gathered around some Sister Missionaries as we walked through. The church gives free tours full of history, facts, and the beliefs of our church. Georgia stopped and listened for a few minutes, and then spent the rest of the day filling everyone in on the information she had picked up in her eavesdropping.

Del and Jared had a good childhood friend pass away this past Spring. John has three kids, and Del and Jared wanted to take his two boys on the yearly Summer backpacking trip. All the kids had a good time! Del's brother Dave and his son Ian also went on the trip. Our boys look forward to their time in the mountains of Utah or Wyoming all year! Del sent me some photos from the trip from his phone.

Of course there must be water day with cousins in Grandma's backyard for any trip to be complete.

My mom, sisters and I took our kids up to visit This Is The Place State Park. It was a really fun, hot day! They have the cutest activities for the kids to participate and learn about pioneer life. Every time we left an activity they would say that one was their favorite.

My mom and sisters.

Walker and sheep selfie!

A video of the kids in the petting zoo. My two year old nephew, Sawyer, is one of the most entertaining people alive. In the video he is determined to keep wearing his cowboy boots even though he keeps falling down. He keeps saying, "I fine!"I do not know why youtube will not connect well with my blog these days! Sorry if this does not work here. It does on my Youtube channel.

The kids mined for gold in a little stream. One of the activities they LOVED! I think they would have stayed here all day if we would have let them.

Jack with his found fortune!

There were lots of pioneer games.

This building is a replica of the original ZCMI. The first department store in the U.S. Del worked for ZCMI in high school, and it is where I met him for the first time. He was working his shift as a stock boy, and I was shopping with my sister.

Walker loved plowing. I am sure he would not be such an eager worker if this were real life.

Grandma buying warm donuts to eat while we watched the Native American dancing show. Which was really interesting and well done.

We took some time to go up to Midway to see a childhood friend of Del's. Annd… just to have a chance to go to Midway because there is a lot to love about that city! We were able to see lots of friends on this trip and it was so much fun! I wish I were better about taking pictures with all of them on our visits!
That is a quick summarization of our Summer! Our kids love their weeks in Utah in the Summer so much that every person in their lives know about them! Teachers are up to date on Utah happenings. Friends like the idea of venturing out West themselves one day. Doctors and even strangers are all made aware the Utah is THE place to be! Our kids should work for the Utah Department of Tourism. If there is one. They are doing their part to promote the state!