Monday, November 23, 2015

Walker Turns 6!

Walker turned six yesterday, and its official his little life has flown by for us!
Walker is a good little guy. He loves to go to school, loves to play with friends, ride bikes, play with trucks and go to primary at church.
Walker is my only tidy child. He is always up for helping with a chore. He is great at putting away groceries. He cleans his part of his room, and makes his bed every morning. He dresses himself and is so good about bringing his laundry down to the laundry room for me. The other kids are not quit as meticulous to say the least, so I am so grateful for my one little cleaning boy.

 Walker still loves trucks, so he was so excited to wake up and see his birthday table set with different kinds of them!

I really couldn't find a cake that looked appetizing locally. I was bad about planning ahead and ordering one this time around. So I just made Texas sheet cake because my family loves it. It didn't turn out amazing aesthetically, but we were going for a work zone/dirt look anyway. So it worked out well enough.

His very own box of sugar cereal. That he was informed by Georgia he had to share with her. He is a good sport and shared with anyone who wanted some.

Happy Birthday Walkie boy! We love, love, love you!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Will Turns 10!

I realized I never updated my posts after Will's tenth birthday! We took a cute picture though,  and had a little family party, so we need to save them here! Will turned 10 on April 16, 2015.
Will got a new bike this year, and he has been hard on it! All of our kids ride their bikes HARD! Especially since our move to Utah. The kids here ride their bikes everywhere. They also build off road biking trails in the dirt hills near our house. We have flat tires and a broken this, or that weekly. Truthfully, he probably already needs a new one. But He will have to wait a few more months for his next birthday! Ha!
I realized that I recorded hime opening his presents, so I was not snapping pictures. I included the video we have of Will opening his presents!
We love you and your outgoing personality Will! Happy Birthday a million years late, bud!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a fun blur this year! The kids were excited to be soldiers. Wally wanted to be a Roman general. I have no idea, but he seemed pleased with his costume, so that's a win. Will wanted to be a gladiator, so not really a soldier, I guess, and Walker wanted to be a Marine. I have not idea what kind of costume his is supposed to be, but he was thrilled I would buy it. Georgia wanted to be a raccoon, who hold a stuffed raccoon. So she talked me into buying her a stuffed raccoon to go with her costume, and then promptly forgot all about the stuffed animal, and wouldn't carry it.
Lydie was also supposed to be a raccoon. That little girl is giving us a run for our money lately. She is determined and will let us know when she is not pleased. Halloween weekend, she was not feeling it, and would scream about my putting her tail and mask on, even if it was just on her head. Then she played in the garbage while wearing her raccoon dress and got Ranch dressing all over it. I told Del that I was giving up, and took pictures of the older kids without her in them. I just couldn't fight with her that day. So now, sadly, we have no pictures of her in her costume. I remember Georgia being a Halloween poor sport the first few years of life as well. So we may be lucky to get a picture of her next year.

Del and I were Jake and the suspicious wife in a robe from the State Farm commercial.
What are you wearing, "Jake from State Farm?"
Easy costume. I didn't even have to do my hair or makeup. Or get out of my pajamas.

The battle shot.

Walker, armed and ready to hand out treats. We really didn't end up getting all that many trick or treaters. Under 50 for sure. I bet next year when our neighborhood is all built up, it will be a whole lot busier!
Our first Halloween in Utah was a lot of fun! We were able to go to the Rinquest Halloween party, and the kids had Halloween parades and parties at school. I helped Walker's class make a paper plate ghost craft. It was so much fun to see all the creative costumes at the parade, and even the older boys were able to enjoy parties at school!
Until next year, Halloween!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sedona, AZ

Septmeber brought the opportunity to visit Sedona, Arizona with Patient's Choice top reps for the company rewards trip.
This year, several of the reps who earned the trip were unable to attend. We had a good time getting to know those who were able to make it, and see the beautiful desert sights of Sedona.

Del and I arrived a couple of days before the others, and had fun on a few hikes.

Our hotel had some pretty cool views. We stayed at the Amara Resort in Sedona.

We were in the tree tops in our hotel room. Lots of pretty, green privacy!

We met lots of friendly people on the trails, and our hikes always ended up taking longer than we expected because we did quit a bit of chatting.

One hot, gorgeous hike.

We had plenty of reading time on this trip, and since having Lydie, there has not been a lot of that. It was fun. I was able to go to some very crunchy yoga classes, and Del and I both loved the extremely intense steam room. I have never been blasted so hard in a steam room in my life! I had to get up and take a break in the middle of my session after my tingling skin started stinging, and I couldn't stop coughing! It felt really good after adjusting, however. I also enjoyed a nice message at the spa.

The blood moon eclipse took place while we were in Sedona. The hotel set up a telescope so we could check it out. But as everyone already knows, it was impressive to the naked eye.

We asked Del's team members if they would be interested in a going on an excursion to the Grand Canyon, which is about 2 hours away from our hotel. Everyone was game, so we rented a bus, and paid a tour guide to direct our day.
We ate at El Tovar for lunch. The restaurant right on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Most of our group at the North end of the canyon. We made lots of stops all around the rim. We were gone all day, and it wore us all out. So glad we were able to experience the Grand Canyon as much as we did without actually hiking to the bottom. We learned a lot about that adventure on our tour.
One day that would be cool.

The men.

Del and I got up early to hike to Devil's Bridge. This is the arch that you can walk out on. I have quit a fear of heights. We set up a phone to record ourselves as we walked out on the arch. Del walked ahead of me unfazed. I was feeling pretty confident at first, but I got intimidated pretty quickly and froze. Del coaxed me just far enough to get a picture, and then helped me get back to ground with no steep drops offs! The picture didn't even turn out the great, and I don't have it in my phone. I do have a better one of Del.

 Dinner with the group on our last night in Sedona.

Every year Del's reps give him a gift they have all signed that represents the area we visited on that trip. This year they gave him local native sand art. He hangs them all in his office.

We attended church with Tyler, one of Del's Atalanta reps, and his very pretty and sweet wife, Valentina. The ward we went to reminded us so much of the ward we just moved from. Small, with every member filling many service rolls, and everyone very familiar with one another.

Our hotel was right on the river and we took a walk down the shore to see all the resorts and restaurants with pretty spots built nearby. A wedding party was being set up at the resort next door. So charming!

We had such a nice get away. I always appreciate time for Del and I to talk and get on the same page with the busy life of running this business and raising our kids. I was so ready for a trip because I had not left Lydie except for one overnight trip to this point. I even woke up in the middle of the night while we were in Sedona, and half asleep, started searching the room for my baby in a panic! When I woke up completely, and realized where I was, I was so relieved she wasn't missing!

 Del's sister, Wendy, and my Mom were so amazing and took our kids for us. They showed them a great time, and the kids probably didn't care if we stayed away longer, but I was so, so ready to get home to my kids by the end of this trip! I felt rushed and unprepared going into it, so that may have had something to do with it. Knowing I would be leaving Lydie again a few weeks later for our trip to El Salvador also made me anxious to get back. I will update El Salvador soon. In many ways, I am still getting my bearings after such an emotionally overwhelming visit to a foreign country. I'll compile my pictures, and hopefully my thoughts very soon and write a post! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lydie Turns ONE!!

Our baby turned a year old! What a year it has been! It just feels so unreal. It has been a big year. Full of change. We are so glad we have this busy baby along for the ride!
We had to get a cute birthday shot.

We had family over to celebrate with lunch and cake this past weekend. The older kids were insistent that we should have at least cupcakes on Lydie's actual birthday, so we did.

We still can't get over how strange it is to have family pop in for cake if it fits into their schedule! It just feels so strange to be close enough for that. We are still realizing all the change in this first year of our move.

Lydie had a little fairy cake with mushrooms from the fairy garden.

She did not want to sit in the chair and have a picture taken. She was tired and a little under the weather on her party day.

Lydie and Grandma Laursen.

I experimented with some new recipes, and our families were my guinea pigs.  Butternut squash soups, Greek salad, Balsamic-honey chicken, rolls, pumpkin spice donuts and cake. Some I will repeat and hopefully perfect.

Our little fairy birthday girl.

Some of our fairy garden brought inside for table decor.

As with all my children, the day and moment Lydie came into our lives is sealed in my memory. The amazing moment when the warmth, and weight of a tiny human who was not there minutes before is on your chest. Just unforgettable! We love you so much Lydie Lula!!