Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

When we moved to Utah this Summer, I knew I wanted to highlight the scenery in the mountains we live in for our family pictures. In the end, I also didn't want to have to drive far, because five kids and a long car ride, plus family pictures are enough to send anyone over the edge. Originally, I wanted a big, sweeping canyon scene, but oh well. That is a super trendy concept right now anyway, right?

We landed up Guardsman Pass, right near our home, in a grove of trees near a tiny hidden reservoir. Guardsman takes you up a winding road, over the mountain into Park City, or into the Brighton Ski area.

We used Courtney G Photography. She came to us!! Which was lovely!
Courtney was fast, and the kids behaved fairly well, motivated by treats at the end.
I also have to thank my brother in law, Christopher for doing some photo shopping for me so that we could capture the best of everyone for one card.

I am yet again, including all the photos we got back so that I don't regret documenting them! I also included the actual card we sent out this year. 2015 has added a lot of families to our Christmas card list because of our move. I am realizing how wonderful it is to add great people to my life like I have this year. Such a comforting thought when I reflect on the difficulties we have also faced in getting settled and moved here, both mentally, and physically!

The last shot in this post is of us in front of the view coming down our side of the Pass, into Midway. the little village below, which we now call home, reminds me of the Disneyland fairytale boat ride miniature villages. So sweet, with a lot of charm, and life stories in the town. We have been so blessed through this transition this year. I am so grateful for this family full of kids I have the opportunity to raise and love. They are all part of my journey and adventure in this life. I love having pretty pictures of them!