Saturday, December 8, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

While we were in California at the beginning of November, we had our family pictures taken.

I found a really great, really cute, photographer named Brittany Wood. She had just moved to California after graduating college, and she has some talent!
She was also very quick, and things could not have gone smoother!
We decided that because we are so rarely near a the coast, we should do our family pictures at the beach. We were at Huntington Beach to be exact. There is a great pier to use as a backdrop.

Now we have some nice warm memories of our feet in the sand on these chilly days with frost on the ground!

And now, picture overload! I have found that other than posting a few photos on my blog, using one for the Christmas card, and printing some of the kids, I tend to just let the rest of the images sit on a disk, never to be seen.
So this year I am posting a ton of them. I'm sorry, or your welcome. Depending on your interest level!


paul said...

Grandmothers needs copys

Adam said...

I love them all! Your whole family looks great! And you look so pretty Jess! Love you guys! Thanks for the Christmas card

Adam said...

Adam didn't leave that one, it's me Shelley.

Kelly and Megan said...

What great pictures, you have a beautiful family!

Ames said...

Your pictures are so fun and cute!

Jessica said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! You have such a beautiful family!