Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

We were thrilled when our good friends Brady and Mandy came back into town from California to visit Brady's family for Thanksgiving!

It has been years since we have seen them, and before they moved we were with them almost every weekend! So when they were here for a week, we were taken straight back to those years of pregnancy, newborns, and just lots and lots of really fun times with the Spencers! We still miss them, even almost five years later.

We took the kids swimming one night, and Mandy and I snuck away for some shopping with Brady's awesome Mom, Lois Jean.  Then it was off to Portillos for dinner!

The kids had so much fun with each other! The whole way home from swimming, they kept asking how many days until Thanksgiving so they could go to Alec and Ella's Grandma's for dinner.

The Spencer family was so gracious to welcome us for Thanksgiving! They had a really yummy meal, and were even nice enough to have a present wrapped for Walker to open on his Birthday!

It was so much fun to catch up with everyone, and let the kids play and play.

As I tucked Will into bed that night he told me, "Mom, that was a nice Thanksiving."
I told him I agreed.
I told Mandy I was not going to be able to let her go back home to California.

Hopefully in a few years,  we can travel together, and live next door to each other! Ha!

My camera is pretty much falling apart. I struggle to get even a decent picture these days. I have worn it right into the ground! So please excuse the pretty darn crappy quality of the pictures of Mandy's incredibly cute kid's table for Thanksgiving. Bad camera and bad photographer.

She has a gift for those details!
Me and Mandy

Uncle Jack
What a character. He he!

Walker loved his cupcake

Alec and Will in the photo booth at the swim park.

My kids made some really cute crafts for Thanksgiving this year! Here is a whole gaggle of turkeys made out of pine cones.

I also had a birthday over the Thanksgiving weekend. My family was so nice and gave me all kind of jewelry! Wally made a "precious" stone necklace for me out of ribbon, rocks, and tape. Del "bought" me a necklace. Okay, I bought it and told him to look at what he gave me.

It was soooo good to see our friends! Hopefully it is not quit so long between visits next time!

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Jessica said...

Ha, I am glad to hear I am not the only one that buys themselves presents and then gives them to her husband to give back! :)