Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We just got back from a week long vacation in California. We met my Mom, Dad, sisters, and their families for a trip to Disneyland.

We flew out a day early to have some family pictures taken on the beach, and met my family at the hotel. Our kids were SO excited to see Grandma and Grandpa! Oh, and Mickey.

After we landed in California, we headed to the beach. We did not last long. It was cold, and as soon as Georgia got out of the water, it was apparent that she had a case of pink eye.
Dr. Jared Tyson to the rescue!
We gave Jared a call for some drops. I was anxious about it because we had our photos in the morning, and it was pretty obvious that she had an issue.
Luckily the drops helped clear things up within hours. Family pictures always stress me out! I think every year that the NEXT year I won't feel the pressure, but I always do.

We were excited to get our pictures taken at Huntington Beach though.

Mac and Walker. Cousins.
Lauren co-ordinated all of us so that we would all be wearing turquoise the first day, and Disney character shirts the second day! Don't we look so cool?
It was great, except that we all kept trying to gather up children wandering by who happened to be wearing turquoise! Ha!
It did get a little intense a couple of times when some of our children decided that they knew their way around Disneyland without parental supervision. We had a couple of moments of sheer panic as we split up to search for the wanderer. We did leave California with all of our kids, not to worry!

Georgia and Woody. I don't know how these characters can stand it. It was almost 100 degrees the first day! It dropped to 60 by the last day. We had to pack for all seasons!

The kids and Jessie.

And Jessie, and Jessie. She was a good sport.

The always long line, at Dumbo.

The Nielsen Fam.

Here we are before our first ride on the Tower of Terror.

And here we are ON the Tower of Terror. Super fuzzy, but can you believe all of these little kids went on it? Okay, maybe SOME of them got off crying. But most went back for more after the first time!

Mom and Wally on the bumper cars.

Toy Story line.

Planning their day at Disney while we waited for the park to open. Maps out and everything.

Georgia, Alice and the Mad Hatter. Georgia chose to spend the money Grandma and Grandpa gave her on an autograph book. She was SO thrilled about getting signatures. I was not expecting her to be so into it. Alice and the Mad Hatter were really nice to her. They went on quit a walk together.

Then the Queen of Hearts came along. She was also very attentive! She gave Georgia's cheeks a real solid pinch! Then she finished it off with a pat on the head! Georgia was taken by surprise at all that!

Mac and Tigger.

Walker and Mac with Pooh.

More characters. Georgia and Walker with Pluto.

Wally bought a gun with his money from Grandma and Grandpa. Surprised? No.
He love the swings ride.

But it took Will a little more time to get his groove on it. Ha! He actually really did like it. That is why Del is laughing.

Baby Patrick falls asleep nice for Grandpa.

The Haymonds

Us. We kind of look like participants in a jail break with all of our stripes!

The Sweets

Mom and Dad (sorry we missed Lauren and Christopher. They had already headed home.)

In the Matterhorn line.  (or mountain-horn according to the kids.) Anther favorite with the kiddos.

We were supposed to fly home at 5:30 at night on the way back, but we had about six hours to kill before take off after our family dropped us at the airport on their way out of town. We asked to be bumped to an earlier flight. Amazingly, it all went smooth at can be, and we pretty much walked from check in, to the plane, and got home before we would have even left L.A. on our booked flight! I have not had such an easy airport experience in a while! Awesome!

It was so much fun to see family all week. We are really blessed to have such amazing people to love, and who support us! And as much as we hate the moments of kids screaming, or refusing to sleep, or fighting while we travel. It is worth it because of the memories we make. And we are blessed to be able to go away. Family is what matters!


Kathryn said...

What a fun trip! I can imagine the chaos of that many kids at a theme park. Way to make it home without losing one! ;) can't wait to see how your family pics turn out! They ALWAYS stress me out too. I worry down to the minute detail about clothes hair and location and then everyone complains abt doing it, the kids don't cooperate and a good photographer is not cheap so you just want them to be perfect. :). The thing that made me most happy abt ours this year is that even though the aren't "perfect" they are a pretty perfect capture of what our family life is like together. Untucked, messy hair, cheesy grin and wiggly kids and all.

Maranda said...

Love all the pics! How fun the whole family got to make it out! Those are memorable vacations for sure!