Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 So Far

We have had a busy year so far.
Most of the pictures I have are from Instagram. So sorry for the repeat if you follow me!

Here is the run down, with a few pictures thrown in.

Business has been anything but usual for Del. He is keeping up, but sometimes I wonder how. He is so stressed he has started to develop round bald spots on the back of his head. He would say it is not from stress, but I don't know. It is weird.

Throw into the mix the fact that a new Bishopric was called in our Ward at church, and Del was called as 1st Counselor. That is a learning curve.
I was just released as Primary President at church yesterday. We have been doing a balancing act trying to pull off both for the past six weeks.

Our lives have involved a lot of basketball. Both boys are playing, and Del is coaching Will's team. It has been fun, and I am so glad they are being exposed to the game, but I might be kind of glad to have Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Saturdays back again. When we are not at a basketball game or practice, we are at the pool for swim.

Will is still playing the piano, and he just participated in the talent show at church. (Which Primary was in charge of. Ugg.) He played "Jolly Old St. Nicholas." Will did a great job! Walker read a bedtime story. Actually, I read a bedtime story, and Walker stood next to me with his head down, and fingers in his mouth, mumbling. It was cute anyway.

My cousin Brian got married, and had a reception here in the Chicago area. It was really fun to go to a "family" event. We don't have many of those!

The Clark's photographer got a shot of our family eating all the fruit they had in the building. Wowzers, my kids sure love fruit. Forget the cake! Bring on the cantaloup!

All my iPhone shots are blurry. But they are all I have, so they will have to do!
My Aunt Sandy, Uncle Scott, Cousin Brian, and his beautiful new wife, Shelby.

Have you noticed the happy look Georgia always pulls out lately for the camera? Sarcasm.

With all of the bad weather we have been having lately, I have been doing a lot of bus stop sitting with the kids. The buses have run late almost every day in February.
So, we get bored, and take pictures.

This is the alarmed look we both had because the bus was late, it was pouring rain, and Walker needed a potty ASAP! That's never good.

Here Georgia shows off her new gap tooth smile. The tooth fairy has been busy at our house.

We went up to Wisconsin on Super Bowl Sunday to have dinner with friends, and pretend to watch the game. It is always nice to get together with good friends. It is too bad they keep moving further and further away!
Here is a shot of the whole group doing our best "goofy" picture pose. Thanks for having us over, Dru and Jessica!

I have been checking a few things off my to do list. One ultra important one was buying pillows for Georgia's bed. Critical stuff here people!

I also got her new drapes hung. I love them! The color makes me happy! I also tend to gravitate to neutrals in my home, so it is a nice pop of color.

I finally got a new lamp for the reading corner in the boy's room. Now Del and I may not go blind from shadowy evening reading seasons.

Georgia in her new swim cap. What a beauty.

Walker, caught in the act of touching Wally's "stuff" while he was at school. There is always a lot of angry rearranging after school when this happens. Walker was a bit defiant about being told not to do it. Can you tell?

The boys after their games.

Our friends the Ogle's son, was playing Wally's team, so Rob took these pictures of Wally after he scored in the game.
I could look at this over the moon, happy face all day! Del and I went bananas in the stand. We laugh at ourselves jumping up and down with our arms in the air. But it is the exactly what we wait for. When Wally has that proud moment!

And last, a love note from Georgia. Our family and an "I love Mom."
I am a little concerned with her spelling, but it is the thought that counts!
I do love that she called me Mum. So cute.

So there we have it! 2013 is off to a busy start. We have also been exploring the idea of private school for Wally. That has weighed heavily, and left me emotionally exhausted.
At night, when I am tired, I tend to get overwhelmed and my mind goes a million miles a minute. Those are the times when I remind myself to count my blessings, and GO TO BED!
Everything looks better in the morning! I hope 2013 only blesses us with the energy to keep up with the pace it is setting!
Gotta run! Time to pack up and head to the pool!

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Jessica said...

Glad you could come up for the evening! Love the picture of Wally-awesome!