Friday, July 5, 2013

On To July!

We made it through June! I will not lie, I was not sure how much more of June I could take! It was a combination of Del being out of town for most of the month, the kids schedules being choppy and very full, and them being bored when it wasn't full, the weather here being pretty much miserable, and not feeling well on my part. I was dragging, and I was not a fun mom! But we made it and now the sun is shining!

We are in prep mode for our Summer trip out West now. I wanted to sneak an update post in before we take off.
We leave in a few days, and I have a laundry pile as tall as me to get through. All of our swim events add about five loads a week, and the dirty laundry monster caught up to me!
The kids are bursting with excitement! They can't wait to see Grandmas and Grandpas! We decided a few months ago to add some sight seeing to our drive to Utah this year. We are going to stop at Mt. Rushmore, and then spend three nights at a cabin in Yellowstone. Del and my Dad had the whole trip planned out. We were going to meet my parents in Yellowstone. Then my Dad got a new job, and they can't make it! We are disappointed, but we hope to do it again in the future! I think next year we need to drive the Southern route and see the four corners area!
I am excited to see the all American scene at Mt. Rushmore! Our neighbors tell us they also have really good ice cream! Who would have thought?

We have had a lot of bright business ideas going on around here. Wally is an excellent lost golf ball finder! He filled the sink in the laundry room with balls he has fished out of ponds, and picked up from the forest ground.  After wading into a pond to help a golfer get his ball, and being paid for it while hanging out on the edge of the course, Wally decided that maybe this is not a bad way to make a little extra cash!
I helped him scrub off, and dry a mound of golf balls, and he hit the links ready to make a deal with some golfers.
He was disappointed when after a whole hour he had not made a sale! He guess he needs to learn a little stick-to-itiveness. He was an awfully cute salesman though!

Del was asked by our friend Chris to me be his escort as he took his Endowment out in our temple before he heads to Melbourne Australia on his mission later this month. It was an honor for Del. Everyone in our church family is feeling very sentimental watching this amazing young man leave for two years to serve the Lord! Chris has a fascinating story, and he is going great places in his life! What an example! We love Chris and he will be in our thoughts and prayers as he serves.

Swim, and more swim! Watching the progress of our children on swim team this Summer has been a joy! I never saw myself as being the mom on the side getting so excited about their kids performance! And yet, there I am, jumping up and down with the best of them! When the kids tried out for swim team, I didn't realize how much our trip to see family would overlap with swim. Unfortunetley, we have to cut our season about two weeks short! I am sad that the kids are mission meets! They are finding their confidence just as we leave! We will look forward to Winter season after school starts up!

We have been working with private instructors on the side to get the kids comfortable with their start dives. We still have a ways to go with their technique. There is a lot of face planting going on.

The team hosts what could best be defined as a swim-a-thon to raise money for new equipment. The kids spent three hours swimming relays in the cold. Here is Georgia waiting for her heat to start in the blow up tube relay.

Almost there! Watching Georgia swim is so stickin' cute!
This is Georgia and her swim friend Ava. One of the perks of swim team has been getting to know some really great new people! Ava's mom has become an awesome friend. Ava is an excellent swimmer. All the kids have been taking seconds off their times with each meet. These two are really coming along in their swimming! Eat their bubbles!

Lined up to watch the coaches swim a relay.

The kids swim pictures came back. So cute!

Team picture.

We have to really take advantage when a nice Summer evening comes along this year! It has been so incredibly rainy! Walker loves to ride his bike down the street until it starts to slope upward and it get hard to peddle. Then he turns around and heads toward home until it gets hard to peddle that direction.

And repeat. I just walk along beside him until he wears himself out.

Shooting some hoops.
Del likes to try to hit balls over the fence and pond onto the first green. Will wanted to take a shot.

More bikes!

And of course a few tantrums throw in to keep things normal!

An hour at our house would not be complete without a meltdown or two!

This is what makes a boy happy! Patriotic popsicles!

That is Summer so far! We are off to have more adventures and see a little more of this amazing country we are blessed to live in! I didn't really proof read this, so I hope you got through it!

Enjoy July!

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Jessica said...

Have fun on your trip. We did Yellowstone last year and loved it! Love the swimming pics! Georgia is so cute! Lets get together when you get back. Eat some Cafe Rio for me!