Monday, June 17, 2013

First Swim Meet

We are now in go mode with swim meets. Being new to the swim team parenting thing, I have felt like I am always one step behind being in the "know" with how all these things work.
I guess it only means that I will have some experience under my belt for the start of the new season!
The other swim parents have been very helpful however, and because of that, we made it through our first meet successfully!

I wrote the events the kids were competing in on their hands. Now I know that I don't have to include ALL the information listed on the web site. I also know I need to write it with permanent marker! It actually stayed on for the most part! Even after all their events.

Walker is always the support crowd. He was so happy that he had his swim lesson the day after the meet so that he had something to talk about. He gets hauled around a lot, and I feel for him, but I think enjoys some of it. He did tell me "Mom, I sick of Dolphins!"

Gear up little guy! It is just the beginning!

I was very confused when I saw that Wally was entered in the 15 and over 50 Free Relay. When we got to the meet I asked his coach about it, and she told me that they were short a guy for the relay, and rather than forfeit, they decided to see if Wally would be willing to do it!
Her words were that he seems to "be up for about anything," so she figured it may just add to his experience if nothing else. I figured, why not?!
Here is Wally lined up behind one of his team mates! I laughed out loud!

Wally is still working on his dive off the blocks. He was confused, because this was his first race! He dove off with his signature crazy dive, and took off! Everyone laughed in surprise, but they all helped me and Del cheer him on. The team lost, but Wally came away from it real proud that he swam with the big kids.

Del assuring Wally he did great!

The little tiny girls melt your heart at these meets! They are so cute! Here they are headed to the blocks for one of the races. Tomorrow we have another meet, and I am helping with the ten and unders in the bull pen. So I will help them get lined up for their races.

They are all so friendly with the opposing team!

There she goes! I was just excited that the kids all placed in their races! Georgia has a little friend that is even younger than her, and it was her first meet too, and she was taking first in her races! It was awesome!

Georgie is the second youngest, and second tallest on the team. Some of the older girls came up to me and asked if "that little girl" was mine. They told me she is sooo cute! It was sweet how nice to her they were while they helped her get through the crowd to the blocks.

Watching her get all set up on the blocks was killing me, it was so adorable! They sound the start and the little girls just jump in feet first until they get the hang of diving.

Will waiting for the start.

We had far less down time than we were warned to prepare for. That was good because the time was action packed, and passed quickly. Georgia did tell me during one of our twenty minute waits that she spent laughing with her friend, "I like it when we swim, and when we get to sit and hang out!" Ha! Her little friend said they liked to sit and "chat." Dying!

The most frustrating part of this was that those swim suites don't come cheap and Wally left his in the locker room at the away meet! No sign of it yet! Aagg! I was a grumpy Mom after discovering that when we got home! Add that to the Lost List. Which also includes Georgia's retainer! Why do they lose the important, expensive stuff!?
We are excited for the meet tomorrow! I would love if they could place again, just to keep the confidence up! I am also excited to watch our next door neighbors 11 year old daughter swim because she is amazingly fast! So fun!

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