Monday, January 7, 2013


 I am excited about this year!

I think that some of that is because I feel like 2012 handed us some situations we did not expect, and I am really hoping that I learned from them, and can apply all my wisdom to the year 2013.

Yeah... wisdom and me. Right.

But in all seriousness, there were some moments in 2012 that I thought.
"I am not enjoying this turn of events. I kind of wish all of this would go away.."
Okay, maybe I cried.

And like most moments that feel that way, they did eventually pass. Some of them even lead to unexpected blessings that made me feel that my cup was truly running over. Because really, it is.

I am soooo grateful that I can truly say that none of them involved life or death, or the immediate health of a close loved one.
I know so many who had a year of those kinds of scares. I pray for them often.

I refuse to call anything I have dealt with challenges, or trails, because really, I have NOTHING to complain about. I will think of them as learning opportunities.

Many of the 2012 learning opportunities we found ourselves dealing with, will unfortunately follow us into 2013. But I hope I handle what remains with grace and gratitude.

I think that will be my theme for the year. "Grace and Gratitude."

I have never had a personal "theme" for my year. But those are both qualities I would love to be constantly improving. So if you hear me chanting "Grace and gratitude, grace and gratitude!"  under my breathe this year, just know it is a coping mechanism. Ha!

2013 marks ten years since we moved away from our families and out to the Midwest. I will be sure to write a post in May when we officially hit the decade mark, just to make sure it is well documented. You see, ten years was never the plan. We are learning that in some things our plan is not THE plan. So we will take it a year at a time. We may not have planned to be here this long, but we also never foresaw some the amazing blessings we have been given either.

I do have goals written down. My dear, uber goal oriented husband made sure of that. And I thought I was a goal maker until I married Del!
I am waiting for a moment of inspiration so that I can complete a couple of the projects I have in mind. I really hope 2013 turns that light bulb on for me!

Here are some of the 2012 highlights!

-A new home found us. We were not openly searching, and yet here I sit in a new home. Still amazes me!

-With a new home came new really great neighbors and friendships, for me and the kids.

-I was called as Primary President at church. I oversee the Sunday schedule and all activities and classes for the children ages 18 months to 12 years for our ward (or congregation assigned to meet at the same time because of where they live geographicaly)  in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

-This calling brought new friendships that have blessed my life.

-As usual we had good friends move away, and we met new good friends who moved in. The bitter and the sweet.

-Del and I vistied Hawaii, and specifically Kauai for the first time. We were also able to get away to a couple of other cities this year. All of the time very welcome and appreciated!

-We took several trips as a family. We took time to visit Kentucky, Utah a couple of times, California, The Dells, and Del and Wally backpacked in Wyoming.

-Georgia started full day Kindergarten, and Walker started pre-school, leaving me with about four hours to myself each week.

-After not practicing it for many years, I returned to doing yoga. I love it so more than I ever thought I would, and have come to appreciate the focus and flexibility it fosters.

-All four of the kids continue to take private swim lessons each week. The progress they are all making is so exciting to see! It has been such a self esteem, and skills builder for all of them!

-It was a year full of family and friends. And that is greatest blessing of all! Del's parents, nieces, and nephew, and brother were able to visit. We traveled with good friends this year. I was able to go away for a weekend in Park City, Ut with friends that I have known since Jr. High, but hadn't seen in years. And still other friends from back home, and who have moved away, were able to come and see us in our home!  We also travelled back home to see our families a couple of times, and spend time with those we love. The things that matter most!

I am sure there more. But at this moment they are not coming to me!

We were able to spend time with the Tyson family for New Years this year! I have mentioned before that we are taking advantage of all the time with them we can, because they are moving back out West this year!
The Tyson's know how to do hospitality! It was so much fun to talk, and let the kids play and play! Jared pulled them around the yard on sleds with his four wheeler, and they had the time of their lives, then they all came in crying from cold and fatigue. Just as it should be!

Ella and Georgia

The party in full swing to ring in the New Year at a child appropriate, 9:00 P.M.

Leslie and Me

Walker and Georgia

Sledding fun!

Full of enthusiasm, Del dressed to go out in the 12 degree weather for some sledding, only find that he had grabbed the wrong snow bibs for the trip to the Tysons. It was QUIT the feat to squeeze into these too-small bibs! Things were more than a little tight. That fact was proven when Del's plants split right up the middle! It was very funny though!

Thank you for having us Jared and Leslie!

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